Trifect FORTE

Antibiotic. Anti-inflammatory. Analgesic. Antipyretic.


Antibiotic. Anti-inflammatory. Analgesic. Antipyretic.


Each vial with 18 g of powder contains:
Penicillin G  sodium 4,000,000 I.U.
Penicillin G procaine 3,000,000 I.U.
Penicillin G benzathine 3,000,000 I.U.
Kanamicyn sulfate 5 g
Sodium dipyron 5 g
Anhydrous sodium citrate 0.08 g
Each vial with 40 ml of solvent contains:
Alpha-chymotrypsin 0.2 g
Trypsin 0.03 g
Dimethyl sulfoxide (D.M.S.O.) 0.4 g
Dexamethasone 21 phosphate 0.01 g
Lidocaine hydrochloride 0.1 g
Formulation agents q.s.


Treatment of equine adenitis, leptospirosis, respiratory infections, enteritis, nephritis, tetanus, arthritis, penis inflammations, infections secondary to viral infections, wound infections, phlegmon, cystitis, pyelonephritis and osteomyelitis.

Animal species to which it is intended:

Sport horses.


By intramuscular route.


8 ml of reconstituted product every 100 k.l.w.


Box containing 1 vial with powder and 1 vial with solvent.