Local disinfectant and antiseptic.


Local disinfectant and antiseptic.


Every 100 ml, it contains:
Iodopovidone 10 g
Formulation agents q.s.


Treatment of pyodermatitis, dermatomycosis, vesicular lesions of viral origin, castration wounds, dehorning, tailing and disinfection of the umbilical cord. Surgical field antisepsis. Disinfection of facilities, work counters and surgical instruments. Foot rot.

Animal species to which it is intended:

Cattle, horses, swine, sheep, goats, dogs and cats.


Locally, diluted or pure.


Foot bath: 1 liter of product every 10 liters of water. Sanitization of countertops and sinks: 20 to 50 ml of product every 10 liters of water. Disinfection of floors: 100 ml of product every 10 liters of water. Surgical field antisepsis: Apply it pure. Disinfection of instruments: 20-30 ml every 1 liter of water. Treatment and prevention of skin infections and wounds: Use pure in the form of topications. Ringworm, foot and mouth aphtha: Apply the product every 12 hours in the form of topications.


Bottle containing 1 liter.