Overbiotic L.A.

Broad spectrum antibiotic.


Broad spectrum antibiotic.


Every 100 ml, it contains:
Oxytetracycline base 20 g
Formulation agents .q.s.


Cattle: Anaplasmosis, pneumonia, leptospirosis, foot rot, mastitis, metritis, symptomatic carbuncle, bacterial enteritis, arthritis, infected wounds. Sheep: Pneumonia, symptomatic carbuncle, foot rot, mastitis, post-parturition infections, metritis. Swine: Pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, mastitis, metritis, piglet diarrhea, post-surgical and post-parturition infections, infected wounds.

Animal species to which it is intended:

Cattle, sheep and swine.


Cattle, sheep and swine: By deep intramuscular route in large muscle masses. Piglets less than 10 k.l.w.: By subcutaneous route.


Cattle, sheep and swine: 1 ml every 10 k.l.w. Piglets less than 2 k.l.w.: 0,5 ml per animal. Pigs between 2 and 10 k.l.w.: 1 ml per animal.


Vials containing 100 ml or 250 ml. Box containing 12 vials with 10 ml each.