Every 100 ml, it contains:
Busereline acetate 0.00042 g
Formulation agents q.s.


Cows: It is indicated for the treatment of fertility disorders of ovarian origin, such as follicular cysts, acyclia, anestrus, delayed ovulation and follicular atresia. It increases the conception rate in the artificial insemination and after the heat synchronization. Mares: It is indicated for the treatment of ovarian cystic disorders developed with or without prolonged or permanent heat. Also indicated for the treatment of acyclia. It induces the ovulation in the case of prolonged or permanent heat and also to allow the determination of the ovulation and copulation times and increase the conception rate.

Animal species to which it is intended:

Cattle and horses.


By intramuscular, intravenous or subcutaneous route.


Cows: For follicular cysts, acyclia and anestrus: 5 m; for late ovulation, follicular atresia, and increase of conception rate in artificial insemination and after heat synchronization, administer 2.5 ml. Mares: For ovarian cystic disorders  developed with or without prolonged or permanent heat, ovulation and copulation induction, increase of the conception rate, prolonged or permanent heat, administer 10 ml; for acyclia, administer 2 times 5 ml with a 24-hour interval in-between.


Vials containing 50 ml. Boxes containing 12 vials with 10 ml each.