Ceftiofur OVER

Broad spectrum antibiotic.


Broad spectrum antibiotic.


Each vial with powder contains:
Ceftiofur sodium salt 4 g
Each vial with solvent contains:
Sterile solvent 80 ml


Cattle: Bovine respiratory disease, infections caused by ceftiofur-susceptible germs and foot rot. Swine: Swine respiratory disease. Horses (only sport horses): Infectious respiratory diseases. Chickens: Control of colibacillary and staphylococcal infections in 1-day-old chicks (early chick mortality).

Animal species to which it is destined:

Cattle, swine, horses and poultry.


By deep intramuscular route. One-day-old chicks: By subcutaneous route in the neck area.


Cattle: 1 ml of reconstituted product every 50 k.l.w. Swine: 1 ml of reconstituted product every 16 k.l.w. Horses: 1 ml of reconstituted product every 25 k.l.w. Chickens: One 4 g-vial contains doses for 40,000 chicks.


1 vial containing 4 g of powder and 1 vial containing 80 ml of solvent.