OVER’s distribution center was specially designed and created to consolidate the company’s product distribution activities and improve its storage conditions.

It was built entirely with 6 cm-thick thermal panels that allow the products to be kept in optimal and safe conditions, and isolated from external climatic conditions. Erected on a total area of 1,500 square meters, the facility is fitted with modern equipment, and temperature and humidity sensors.

The storage area of this warehouse has a capacity of 670 positions that are classified into floor positions, penetrable racks, selective racks and shelves. The 74 floor positions house the pallets with goods used in the preparation of products (picking) intended for high rotation foreign trade and organized by country of destination. The penetrable racks (224 positions) are used to store the products remaining from large production lots, the exportable products waiting to be shipped and large volume supplies. Selective racks (312 positions) fulfill two functions: on the floor level, the picking of unpacked products for the domestic market is carried out and on the upper levels the products remaining therefrom are stored. On the shelves, we find packed products ready for picking as well as promotional material. Above the shelves are placed the products remaining therefrom (60 positions), which are arranged on pallets.

In addition, the warehouse has a loading center for forklifts, which is detached for the sake of personnel protection.