We want to share the beginning of a new stage with you. We introduce our new logo. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, we have decided to renew the corporate image in order to grow and update ourselves.

During years, we have been proud of the logo containing oblique slashes with 7 different colors. Each slash has symbolized a different product line introduced to Argentinean market in 1981.

After 3 decades of built-in expertise and innovation, we successfully achieved the expansion and position of our brand in the world. We have over 180 products which are part of 14 therapeutic lines and one of the most complete index of veterinary products on the market. For that reason, our new image is the reflection of a solid growth. We present a clear, strong logo with high visual impact. We incorporated ecology using only one color. We designed a new brand keeping attributes of the previous logo in order to ensure continuity at first glance and to be easily recognized by our customers. Our ongoing commitment is to achieve that synthesis showing that we are a leader laboratory.

We introduce our new logo. A steadily growing brand.